All Up in the Blogosphere

While I consider spending countless hours slothing in bed and delving into Netflix to be a perfectly acceptable way to repose after a very long (and unpaid, I may add) day at work, nothing quite compares to feverishly pecking away at my keyboard to recount the generally awkward happenings of my day. There is something undeniably liberating about the effortlessness of translating your thoughts into words through the magic of fingertips, and setting them free into the blogosphere, completely unperturbed by judgment (although this fearlessness may be partially due to the delirious post-work state that I choose to write in).
Upon taking inventory, I’d say that my first week in the Big Apple has been a considerable success.

No. of subway trips taken: 17, most of which have been spent concentrating very hard on avoiding making eye contact with unfriendly or overly-friendly New Yorkers. Still not sure which is worse.

No. of times I’ve been lost and had to praise the glory and wonder of CityMaps2Go: approximately 4, although I’m sure this is an underestimate due to my repressive memory.

No. of fancy new city friends made: 6, if you also include the voluptuous cat that has taken up residence outside of my building.

No. of slices of pizza consumed: 1 (admittedly, improvements could be made in this department).

I look forward to further exploring this concrete jungle and sharing all of my adventures in good food, good fashion, and good people in the blogosphere. Cheers (a very awkward, sad attempt at concluding this blog)!

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