I’m Feeling 22: An Exceedingly Cliché Year in Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling sentimental today. While alternately attempting to OD on sugar (who knew that there are so many different ways to eat chocolate) and being subjected to illegal slave labor yesterday, I had a few uninterrupted minutes to reminisce on this past year. 21 has been the best year of my life thus far, and impressively, I remember almost all of it. Between too many shameful weekend mornings bonding with the Porcelain God, I did a lot of pretty cool things.

No 1. Designed a collection of clothes à la Project Runway that managed to sustain itself on the runway, and avoid any Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunctions. Niiiiice.
No 2. Graduated college. A serious WTF moment. I am currently still in denial and am waiting for my diploma to arrive in the mail so I can promptly send it back, in hopes of exchanging it for a couple more years of undergrad.
No 3. Rode a really ugly camel in Israel. And it was awesome.

No 4. On that note, took a casual trip to Israel and got my Jew on…and it was awesome.

No 5. Reached new levels of drunk, although I still question myself for this.

No 6. Lived with my bitches, #live. We #lived it up everywhere a 21 year old should, including but not limited to: smelly bars with corrupt bouncers, likely disease-ridden fraternity houses, Vegas, plush couches deemed nap-worthy, luxury apartment pools that require mad hop-fencing skillz, Tahoe, “Mexican” fast food joints that shall remain unnamed, etc.

No 7. Began living out my Ugly Betty Dream in New York City, although I refrained from sporting my Guadalajara poncho on my first day at work.

No 8. Ate a lot of food. This might be the understatement of the year, and contrary to public perception, I am not trying to star in the next season of My 600 Lb Life.

No 9. Met a lot of people who changed my life. I am #blessed (…it’s warranted) to have the most unique group of hilarious, beautiful, and thoughtful friends, many of whom I only met this past year. I’m loving my experience in New York, but am counting down the days until I’m a California girl again- I miss you all too much!


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