If You’re Going to San Francisco (Do Everyone a Favor and Skip the Flowers in Your Hair)

After an unemployment dry spell nearly as grave as our great state’s precipitation drought, I finally received fabulous news that I scored a Design position with Old Navy’s womenswear division.


While I’m over the moon to conclude this seriously uncomfy period of my life, where far too often I felt like the star of The Graduate 2.0, my newfound adulthood also entails a hasty relocation to San Francisco in T-minus 11 days (or whenever Gap Inc. deems that I am not, in fact, the face behind some vicious Mexican drug cartel upon review of my background check).

Following my frantic housing hunt to avoid casually inhabiting a fancy sleeping bag much like the rest of San Fran, my second order of business naturally involved compiling a list of wear-to-work wardrobe essentials to sport at my first big girl job. I worked strategically to stock my shopping list with pieces that will hopefully pass me off for a hip Bay-area profesh rather than the spawn of a Real Housewife of Orange County.


…How I probably will look.


How I probably should look.

While I might end up taking on “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Dog as my spirit animal in my new workplace, below are a few picks that will perhaps paint me as a slightly more professionally clad version of my furry counterpart.

A sleek leather tote the size of a small child, because the bigger the bag the more important the person, amirite?

A sleek leather tote the size of a small child, because the bigger the bag the more important the person, amirite? $60.64 ASOS

Leather Ankle Boot $84.99jpg

Sa$$y booties comfy enough to walk rather than wobble around the office in. $84.99 Mango


ON Womens Gingham Shirt$8.97jpg

An Old Navy corporate wardrobe calls for some Old Navy Amurikan prep. $8.97 (for realz) Old Navy


Converse Vintage Leather Travel Chucks $75.00

Pumped up suede kicks $75 Free People

Merino Wool Tippi Sweater $79.50jpg

Because a vury balmy 65 degree day is obviously some sort of sweater weather. $79.50 Jcrew

ON Pixie Ankle Pant $34.94jpg

Work appropro party pants, because why not. $34.94 Old Navy, naturally.


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