One Nation Under a Groove

If everything old is new again, I’ll be over here gearing up for an epic resurgence of Dunkaroos (until then, here is this), Blockbuster stores– because “Blockbuster and chill” has an undeniable ring and N64 selection to boot, and…scrunchies, in lieu of the menaces we have come to call hair elastics. Together, this badass trifecta defined my 90’s youth and yeah, I miss it. Ok?

While I may sprout my first grays awaiting the return of the aforementioned, one blast from the deeper past is stayin’ alive and well at major retailers this fall, and I have quickly hopped on the vintage bandwagon (or VW soul bus or what have you). 70’s style has woven itself in an out of the loom of fashion as I clearly remember purchasing my first pair of Club Monaco bell bottom jeans at the tender age of 16, then managing to single-handedly defile the awesomeness of the whole wide-legged thing. Sry pantalones.

*Note to past-self, when paired with a rolling backpack, anything is doomed.* 


What I thought I looked like…


…what I actually looked like.

Seven years and one less mobile backpack later, I’d like to think I’ve honed in on my personal style at least a lil bit, and have taken to flared denim yet again. Aside from cool bell bottomed blues, I’ve been inspired by the graphic wallpaper florals, punchy mixed stripes, Gaga-worthy fringe, and rich suede fabrications that have dominated most hip n’ cool retailers this season.

These are my fave wallet-approved, Farrah-approved trends this season…what are yours?


Mm buffalo heads, hot for fall. You heard it here first.


This flirty suede skirt


That graphic floral co-ord set


This thinly striped dress


That suede, fringed jacket


Or, if you’re not feelin’ the full on fringe binge, this fringy bucket bag is pretty cute…and on sale, boo yah.

PS, did you know that “4-sho” surfaced in the 70’s? These doodz were ahead of their time. Check out some cool 70’s lingo here and prepare yourself to be the biggest weirdie at the office tomorrow.

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