Into the Fray

On the night my model-behavior nephew was born, a family member of a family member asked why my parents couldn’t afford to buy me pants that didn’t have holes in them.

OooOOoh, GOOD one!!!


In a fit of fashion angst, I made sure to inform every human in that hospital waiting room that my über distressed black jeans were cool, because I looked like I had never given a single fuck in my natural born life. Channeling all sorts of Lara Croft Tomb Raider the next morning, I pulled on my zero-fuck pants and managed to snag my toes in the left knee-hole– a hole roughly the size of a football. I proceeded to step down into the Grand Canyon opening to sever my cool pant leg from the rest of my cool pants, leaving me with a half-pair of really uncool shorts. My left side had crawled out of Old Navy’s big Bermuda Short campaign circa 2008.

The murder of my favorite pair of ripped jeans did not mark my last tango with distressed clothing. In fact, my entire spring closet cries of distress, as I’ve fully embraced the trend against my better judgment (mostly for fear of having an entire closet full of half-Bermuda shorts).

My second-circle relatives would not have much ammunition to attack my ripped pantalones this season, as not giving a fuck actually looks pretty pulled together. Ripped and frayed-hem digs take their form in feminine silhouettes and a crisp, breezy color palette, offering a more polished rendition of the formerly edgy trend.

Aaand here are a few of my fa-vo-rite buys this spring.

Linen Cami Dress ON

This breezy linen number that screams for a colorful raffia clutch…

IMG_0842 copy

…like this pom-pommy thing I scored from Stitch Fix!



This square-neck top that is bound to be a hot ticket real quick.

Mid-Rise Rockstar Distressed Jeans - Bright White

When I pull these on, I sit on my bed and point my toes Black Swan-style. True story.







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