Fancy Pants

In the sage words of a childhood acquaintance’s supa primped mother, “Never wear sweatpants when you go off to college, because when you finally pull on your jeans, they will..not…fit.”

Not one galpal heeded the ominous advice of this Mystic tanned gypsy lady, believing with all the might of our freaky metabolisms that the calories burned destroying an entire chocolate ganache cake would roughly negate any fattening backlash. Thankfully, no higher authority allowed a single one of us to graduate with a degree in Nutrition Studies.

Lo and behold, by sophomore year a widespread curse of sausage-casing pant leg fell upon us all, as we sheepishly wiggled (and even jiggled) back into our once trusted skinnies, full of regret and the bloat of yesteryear.

This traumatic series of events has since complicated my relationship with lounge pants. Yoga pants, so unnaturally stretchy that they probably defy most laws of textile structure, villainously present the excuse to dip into the cookie jar just oooone last time, as long as the pants still fit (for the record when wearing stretchy knit, this is always…thus these pants are literally liar pants). The undeniable shlubbiness of OG fleece sweats cannot be redeemed by even the c00lest coordinating hoodie, and personally, I have never been a proponent of activewear in the public domain. I believe sporty garb to be better suited for sports; should you consult any regular LuluLemon fanatic, she may excitedly explain that her Wunder Unders are an appropriate choice for any occasion, especially bottomless brunch– a sport of Olympic proportions. This chick will also likely marry this guy, wearing her Wunder Unders.

So where’s the perfect casual pant at, the unicorn of all lounge pull-ons?

Enter stage left, a gift from the sartorial gods above, *the Jogger pant*. AKA, the next best thing to “waking up like this” and looking juuust pulled together enough to step out “like this”. AKA, a pant that has me singing some praises.


•Jogger Pants• These are like a sweatshirt for your legs.The bottoms of these are exactly made how the cuffs of your sweatshirt are made.These i prefer more because they have dope designs and patterns and they remind me of those pants teens used to wear back in the Early 90s such as Fresh Prince or Saved by the Bell

Well put, Broski400. You are a wizard of fine words.

While I initially wrote off the Jogger as some ugly @$$ imposter pants, ownership of my first pair quickly prompted me to accept that they are some comfy @$$ pants, and when paired with a fitted tee and a pair o’ fun kicks, they are truly some cute @$$ pants.

So maybe I’m a tad partial, but I plan to snag both colors of these bad boyz brought to you by…you guessed it…Old Navy.

A perfect harmony of tailored presentability and casual ease, the Jogger pant has emerged as a front runner in modern lounge apparel and proof that you can have your cake and eat it too (…on second thought, maybe just a piece this time around).

Forever Turns Down for None (that’s right.) This Fall

The publication of this slanderous blog may result in my premature exile from the world of high fashion. I am ready and willing to sacrifice myself and my potential career ambitions to the vicious sartorial dogs, as it would be morally unjust to shun the presence of Forever 21 from both my life and my wardrobe.

Forever 21 has been my constant rock through my many years of retail exercise, and sometimes, therapy. It has supported me through my high school days, when I desperately sought after a more “sophisticated” look. My desire for finesse naturally led me to the store’s extra classy racks of ruffled sateen blouses (it was a dark time and I’ve purged many photo albums of evidence). Several years later I was thrilled when by happenstance, a Forever 21 superstore sprung up in the middle-of-nowhere Davis to counter my only other retail option…The Gap. The store was a godsend during the tribulations of the Freshman 15, when pulling on a pair of jeans felt more like stuffing meat into sausage casings. I was thrilled to find that even on my ramen budget, I could afford new pants that would accommodate my newfound, erm, voluptuous figure. Fast forward to good ole’ 2k14, and without fail I was showered with compliments whenever I would don Forever 21 ensembles to my NYC fashion internship. It was my rebellious secret to be wearing entire outfits that rang in at less than $30 amongst sweaters that on average retailed at $200 alone.

While I generally never have an issue plucking through the racks to find pieces that I can easily integrate into my mixed-label wardrobe, this season in particular Forever 21 has its game face on, covering every major base of the fall fashion ballgame. The trendy retail powerhouse makes no secret of…borrowing…inspiration from the most sought-after contemporary and high-end names.


The oversized coat. Pair with straight cigarette trousers, a cropped sweater, and printed ballet flats for an effortlessly mod look. You want it? Forever 21 has it, and for a fraction of Vince’s knit version.

Vince knit back coat $695

Vince Knit Back Coat $695

Heathered Double-Sleeve Cocoon Coat $59.80

Heathered Double-Sleeve Cocoon Coat $59.80

The printed shift. A cute shift has become my go-to daytime look with a pair of stack-heeled booties. Feels like a nightgown, looks like a hundred bucks…even when it’s only 20 😉

Equipment Owen After Dark $298

Equipment Owen After Dark $298

Forever 21 Houndstooth Plaid Shift Dress $19.90

Forever 21 Houndstooth Plaid Shift Dress $19.90

The slip on sneaker. While the OG slip ons may have grown their roots at Keds and Vans, recently slip ons have taken a turn for the luxe. Vince’s calf hair slip ons loan any casual look an extra chic factor, while Forever 21’s replicas make a comparable statement for an incomparable price.

Vince Berlin Calf Hair slip on $295

Vince Berlin Calf Hair Slip On $295

Forever 21 Pony Hair Slip On $39.90

Forever 21 Pony Hair Slip On $39.90